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Additional extensions open the way for better interaction with your user. No matter in the administrative or marketing field.

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Website Additions

Forms + Surveys

Online web forms or surveys to collect and store customer data, which can then be used further, for example for campaigns with CRM systems.

Customer Service

Improve your user assistance, create more contact options online beside email and phone.

  • Create an option for online ticket support
  • Offer an online chat and video calls

Explainer Tutorials

Provide explanatory manuals with images,  photos and videos for better understanding.

Appointments + Bookings

Online bookings save time and give the customers an additional opportunity to make meetings also outside the opening hours.

Payments + Invoices

Enable options to create invoices and receive payments for products or services.

ELearning + Membership

  • Online Training
  • Online Schools and Courses¬†
  • Membership Communities
  • Different member access levels

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